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Breed clubs & kennel clubs: Family & Friends: Other Schipperke links:
Swedish kennel Club Callenco's Groenendael Magisters, Denmark
Norwegian Schipperke Club A-Te-Ell's Groenendael Capone and Clyde, Holland
Schipperke Club of the UK Strop's Dachshunds Shalako, USA
German Schipperke Club Blå Skuggan www.schipperke.cz, Czech Republic
Danish Schipperke Club Skeppsklockans. Galley
& Groenendael Bazzo
Joep in Holland
Schipperke Club of America Black Orange's Pomeranians Honeymoon and family at kennel
van Jopie's Happy Home
NEW !!
Central Rookie Schipperke Club Zoovaruhuset i Krylbo  
Belgian Schipperke Club Aloe Vera - my shop  
Schipperke club of Canada Dala hundrastning - Maria Molin